GitLab CI

Environment variables

The Authentication environment variables can be configured with Protected variables.

Note: Make sure to configure your release branch as protected in order for the CI/CD build to access the protected variables.

Node project configuration

GitLab CI supports Pipelines allowing to test on multiple Node versions and publishing a release only when all test pass.

Note: The publish pipeline must run a Node >= 10.18 version.

.gitlab-ci.yml configuration for Node projects

This example is a minimal configuration for semantic-release with a build running Node 6 and 8. See GitLab CI - Configuration of your jobs with .gitlab-ci.yml for additional configuration options.

Note: Thesemantic-release execution command varies depending if you are using a local or global semantic-release installation.

# The release pipeline will run only if all jobs in the test pipeline are successful
- test
- release
- npm install
image: node:6
stage: test
- npm test
image: node:8
stage: test
- npm test
image: node:8
stage: release
- npx semantic-release

package.json configuration

A package.json is required only for local semantic-release installation.

"devDependencies": {
"semantic-release": "^15.0.0"